Multi-Stone Mala Beads


Multi-Stone Mala Beads


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Multi-Stone Mala Beads

Multi-Stone Mala Beads are a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence. Each mala has 108 beads.

Mala Beads are also known as a Japa mala or mala is a string of prayer beads commonly used in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Shintō, and other traditions for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as Japa. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and sometimes referred to in English as a “rosary”. Wikipedia

About Multi-Stone Mala Beads ~ an excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

This mala consists of

Rose Quartz  “The pink vibration of rose quartz activates the bridge between the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras. This is significant because this bridge helps connect your human existence as a grounded individual on this planet with your spiritual one. This stone aligns your consciousness with Divine love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and kindness. It calls the energy of the angels, including Archangels Chamuel and Haniel, to surround you and protect you.”

Carnelian “Carnelian carries the vibration of creativity to help you give birth to new projects. This stone acts as a catalyst to put things in motion so that they can come to fruition. Use this stone to mentally integrate the true meaning of active courage. Carnelian is an ideal stone for improving visualization skills.”

Jasper “Jasper has historically been used by medicine men and women for protection, and yellow jasper is specifically beneficial to deflect jealousy. This stone connects you with your inner strength and courage. It amplifies the potency of your solar plexus, keeping you protected during spiritual practices such as shamanic journeywork and deep meditation.”

Green Aventurine  “Green aventurine grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart’s desires. The love you experience in romance, friendships, and other relationships can affect your emotional well-being, so be sure to keep a green aventurine near your heart while you sleep to recalibrate your emotions each night.”

Tiger’s Eye ” Gold tiger’s eye enlivens your ability to remember your dreams and use the dreamtime for spiritual advancement. The chatoyancy, or the optical reflectance effect, of this stone sparks your imagination, which is the key to understanding your intuition. The gold energy of this stone reminds you to embrace your spiritual potential and allow divinity into your spiritual practice.”

Green Moss Agate “With” its earthy appearance, green moss agate helps you to reclaim your balance through nature. Infuse this stone with an intention to take time to walk in the grass, visit the water’s edge, or embrace a tree. Give your emotional challenges to the earth through the use of imagery.

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