Patience Gemdrop Pendant


Planetary Influence: Moon, Mercury

Chakras: 4th, 5th

Aquamarine, lepidolite

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blankPatience Gemdrop Pendant

Planetary Influence: Moon, Mercury

Chakras: 4th, 5th

Aquamarine and lepidolite calm and soothe the emotions bestowing patience. Both gentle stones create harmony and clarity to help one recognize the need for patience.

Spiritual uses: Aquamarine is a perfect stone for a lover of sea creatures, including dolphins and whales, as well as mermaids and undines (water nymphs). Aquamarine, which means seawater, is associated with Poseidon and Neptune. Connecting with sea creatures through this stone is a joyful way to awaken spiritually and is an excellent tool for self-development. The practice of opening communication with fish and mammals of the sea helps the development of telepathic skills and the understanding of other types of spiritual communication, including channeling and mediumship. Aquamarine is the stone of Archangel Muriel.

Mental uses: When your mind has hit a brick wall or has become stuck in some way, turn to aquamarine. Place it in your bathtub or hold it while you swim for best results. This gemstone helps with receiving inspiration in all areas of life. If you have a problem, hold aquamarine with the intention that the resolution will be communicated to you. Writer’s block? For inspiration, gaze at the stone and visualize yourself writing.

Emotional uses: Water, as represented by this aquamarine, assists in regaining emotional balance. This sea-foam-colored stone clears the consciousness, releasing emotionally charged thoughts. It also helps relieve any negative energy from conversations and your own internal dialogue. With this semiprecious stone in hand, learn how to allow tears to flow to wash away sadness or other emotional hurts. Tears are beneficial for cleansing your emotional, physical, and mental bodies. This is a stone of truth. Make it your intention to have the truth revealed and the compassion and tolerance to accept the truth with ease and grace.

~ an excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

Direct from the designer. Gemdrops are approx 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter. These are very unique. Each Item is indiviually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. All Gemdrops come with black satin cord and information card. 

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