Pink and Green Tourmaline Bracelet


Pink and Green Tourmaline Bracelet

Various shades of pink and green tourmaline on each bracelet

Fits a wrist size of approximately 7″

Available in:

  • 4 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 7 mm


Pink and Green Tourmaline Bracelet 

Various shades of pink and green tourmaline on each bracelet

Angelic Resonance

Affirmation: I hear the angels sing. The energy of my own loving vibration nurtures my thoughts and feelings. Unconditional love is mine today and always. Every cell in my being vibrates at the rate of love. I feel good. I am happy. I am grateful.

Pink and Green Tourmaline is useful whenever you need an injection of unconditional love, which starts with first loving yourself unconditionally. It comforts you when you are emotionally vulnerable. Employ this stone to discover what unconditional love means, how it feels, and what to do to actualize it for yourself.

Green and Pink tourmaline bracelet increase your awareness of what thoughts you think and whether or not they are good, positive thoughts. As you become aware of these thoughtforms, or mental energy, this gem can further assist you in focusing on what you want and letting go of any energy that is preventing you from attaining your goals.

About the stone: Green tourmaline, also known as verdelite, is an alkali-rich  aluminum borosilicate often containing sodium, lithium and potassium. Tourmaline crystallizes in the trigonal system and the crystals are typically long with vertical striations and triangular shape when viewed at length.

portions excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

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