Power Stone


Five Choices:

  • Brecciated Red Jasper
  • Chevron Amethyst
  • Lepidolite
  • Sodalite
  • Unakite
Price is per stone. Being natural pieces these vary greatly in size, shape, and color. The photo is a representation of the selection we have but doesn’t guarantee that you will receive one of the photographed pieces. We select your stones intuitively with you in mind ensuring that you get just the right stone for you.


Power Stone

Five Choices:

  • Brecciated Red Jasper
  • Chevron Amethyst
  • Lepidolite
  • Sodalite
  • Unakite

Brecciated Red Jasper

Manifesto Presto!

Affirmation: I am grounded and focused on the task at hand. I complete projects.  I enjoy and share the result of my creative endeavors. I am motivated to accomplish all that needs to be done. I live life with vim, vigor, and vitality. My passion for living is dynamic.

Color: red

Chakra(s): root and navel

About the stone: Jasper is micro-crystallized quartz (silicon dioxide). The material is opaque and the color is formed by the oxidation of the iron present as well as the presence of other impurities.

Astrological sign(s): Aries, Capricorn

Planet(s): Mars, Saturn

Number(s): 4

Element(s): fire and earth

Mohs scale: 6–7.5

Spiritual uses: Red jasper holds a high vibration for spiritual discipline and therefore helps you to clear your mind. It helps you to be mindful during prayer and contemplation and increases your endurance and focus during long spiritual ceremonies or practices.

Mental uses: Red jasper helps you put an end to procrastination.

Emotional uses: Red jasper reactivates your passion for living when you’ve been feeling apathetic, unemotional, or spiritually defunct.

Physical uses: Red jasper is the stone of endurance. Use it when you are focusing on developing your strength and improving your vital life force. This stone is useful for restoring, regenerating, and rejuvenating your passion and libido.

Chevron Amethyst Power Stone

Personal Excellence

Affirmation: I use the experiences from the lessons I have learned to improve myself. I’ve earned my stripes. I strive to earn more bands of honor and knowledge as I continue this journey. I see with higher perspective because of the benefits of hindsight.

Color: purple and white

Chakra(s): crown and third eye

About the stone: Chevron amethyst is banded amethyst with purple-and-white lines forming angular patterns of approximately 60 degrees.

Astrological sign(s): Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini

Planet(s): Uranus, Neptune, Mercury

Number(s): 3 and 11

Element(s): air

Mohs scale: 7

Spiritual uses: A stone of integrity and honor, chevron amethyst reminds you to commit to excel on all levels

Mental uses: The pointed bands of chevron amethyst direct your energy toward whatever you need to focus on.

Emotional uses: With its bands and swirls, chevron amethyst can help you unravel the source of unresolved feelings and emotions.

Physical uses: Like its sister stone ametrine, chevron amethyst alleviates headaches and digestive challenges.

Lepidolite Power Stone

Balance Emotions

Affirmation: I embrace my emotions.. Nurturing energy surrounds me. My emotional body is aligned. I recognize the love within me. I attract loving, balanced friends and family into my inner circle. I am calm. I am serene. Tranquility and peace are mine.

Color: shades of lavender, sometimes with pink inclusions

Chakra(s): solar plexus, third eye, and crown

About the stone: Lepidolite is a silicate containing lithium, aluminum, and potassium. It fluoresces and is often found with other lithium minerals like tourmaline. Lepidolite crystallizes in the monoclinic system, however, it is usually found in massive form.

Astrological sign(s): Pisces

Planet(s): Neptune

Number(s): 3

Element(s): water

Mohs scale: 2.5–3

Spiritual uses: Lepidolite helps to hone psychic skills, including channeling and mediumship, while fostering a reasonable hold on this reality.

Mental uses: Lepidolite encourages a healthy, detached outlook on situations.

Emotional uses: Lepidolite carries the vibration of lithium, which is used medically to balance the emotions and limit or eliminate extreme mood swings, while the vibration of the pink tourmaline is beneficial for opening the heart center.

Physical uses: The lithium contained within lepidolite holds the power to rebalance brain function and neurological functions.

Sodalite Power Stone

The Peaceful Intuitive

Affirmation: I am calm. I am relaxed, and all is well. I sail through life on calm, nurturing waters and enjoy good health free. I am extremely intuitive. It is easy for me to make decisions. I am at peace with myself and the world around me.

Color: dark blue with white and black streaks

Chakra(s): crown, third eye, and root

About the stone: Sodalite is a sodium aluminum silicate with sodium chloride and is generally found in blue colored massive form. It is best known as one of the components of lapis. Sodalite rarely obtains the rich blue color of lapis and rarely contains pyrite as lapis often does. Identification differentiates lapis from sodalite by the determination of the specific gravity which is higher in lapis. Sodalite usually contains more calcite evidenced by white inclusions.

Astrological sign(s): Sagittarius

Planet(s): Jupiter

Number(s): 11

Element(s): earth

Mohs scale: 5.5–6

Spiritual uses: Sodalite is a grounding tool for use as you channel inspirational, spiritual, and/or metaphysical writings.

Mental uses: Sodalite is a good study aid, especially when you are learning something new or unfamiliar.

Emotional uses: Sodalite balances rampant emotions. This is a perfect stone for calming and releasing anger and frustration.

Physical uses: With its calming energy, sodalite reduces inflammation in the body, relieving inflammatory conditions such as headaches and muscle strains.

Unakite Power Stone

Affirmation: My emotions are balanced. I am able to observe my reactions to others in an objective and loving way. Love allows me to awaken my consciousness. I understand the underlying cause of challenging situations, and I move through them with ease and grace.

About the stone: Unakite is a granite rock containing quartz, pink feldspar, and green epidote. The stone was first found in the Unakite Range in North Carolina and hence given the name.

Color: pink and green

Chakra(s): heart, solar plexus, and navel

Astrological sign(s): Cancer, Pisces, Taurus

Mohs scale: 6–7

Spiritual uses: With its pink and green energy, unakite power stone reminds you to set your intention on love, compassion, and kindness. Use this stone to remind you to be tolerant and gentle

Mental uses: Unakite power stone is the stone of balance. Use it to help you balance your mind with your heart and emotions.

Emotional uses: Unakite is a good relationship stone since it helps to foster a healthy and happy relationship through balanced emotions.

Physical uses: With its heart-centered pink and green energy, unakite assists you in staying focused on healing any problems with your physical heart. It gently opens up your consciousness to understand the source of heart disease.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2.25 × 2.25 in


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