Private Sessions with Margaret Ann Lembo

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  Email Margaret Ann at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Regression sessions, Cord Cutting Ceremony or Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment 2 hours  $300  

Angel Gemstone Oracle Session   $90 for ½ hour, $170 for 1 hour

Entrepreneurship Counseling  2 Hours $600

Appointment and prepayment required 48 hours prior to the session.


All three of the following sessions, Regression, Chakra Balancing, and Cord Cutting can be combined in a 2 hour session. Often most sessions result in the combination of these experiences. During the first half of the session we will discuss your intended outcome and any challenges you want to release and understand. During the second half, Margaret Ann will guide you into a deep relaxation experience to facilitate a process for you to go within yourself to uncover the source of the challenge to resolve, heal, and enlighten yourself so you can move forward free of challenges.

Past Life Regression
Who were you? Where did you live? Have the people in your life been with you before? Why are you coming back together with people from your past lives?  Why do we reincarnate?  Understanding the role of reincarnation, karma and dharma can assist us in our present incarnation.  Remembering a past life can bring a greater understanding of ourselves and what we have come back to learn.   Past life regression helps us remember our purpose and learn the meaning of our lives today.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment session is a private session to recalibrate your subtle bodies to effectuate a positive change. After we sit together to discuss your current life challenges, I pick an array of gemstones specific to your needs with the intent to restore balance. I’ll place the stones on and around your body while gently guiding you into a healing deep relaxation. This experience uses the power of positive thought, guided imagery amplified by the gemstones to balance the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.

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Cord Cutting Ceremony is designed to release repetitive patterns and connections with situations that are no longer for your highest good. Are you ready to release old patterns? Do you notice that you keep having the same relationship issues over and over again. Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family or co-workers? Disconnect the energetic cords and watch your life transform for the better.

Angel Gemstone Oracle Session:
Receive a private session with Margaret to receive some answers to your questions using the Angel Gemstone Oracle Deck, Angel Cards and messages from angels, guides, friends and loved ones on the other side and ascended masters. The Gemstone Oracle is a unique technique developed by Margaret which provides you with deep insights from your subconscious on a soul level using color therapy and messages from the crystal guardians.


Entrepreneurship Counseling is a session specifically geared to help you with your career and your Divine Purpose. Tools for actualizing your goals will be uncovered with real life actions to help you move toward doing the work that you love so your work is like a gift! Do what you love and the money will follow. Using intuition, gemstones, a few Angel Cards and over 40 years of work experience Margaret Ann will help you gain clarity as well as give you specific direction to start the process of creating your life’s work. Margaret Ann’s background includes construction, real estate, consumer banking, mortgage banker, realtor, property management, retailer, wholesale, vendor, author, speaker, buyer, social media, blogger, educator, and so much more.



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