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Heart Chakra

You are love. Your true essence is love. Be aware that you are love in all you do, say, think, feel, smell, taste or know, and you will be happy and healthy all the days of your life.

The heart is the bridge between your lower three chakras and your upper three chakras. It is the place of the “I Am” presence, the Christ consciousness, and the Buddha consciousness. The heart center connects us with kindness, love, compassion, tolerance, patience, understanding, and who we truly are. It is a vibration of love in alignment with goodness and gratitude. A person with a balanced heart center is someone who is friendly, compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing.

Green and pink energy, or the heart chakra, is located at the center of your chest. The primary color is green. The vibration of pink at the heart is the blended energy of the red from the root chakra and white from the crown chakra. There is no complementary color per se—the colors are simply green and pink.

Colors: Green, pink

Complementary Colors: Green, pink

Stones: Agate, apophyllite, aventurine, calcite, chrysoprase, goldstone, kunzite, malachite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby, unakite, watermelon tourmaline, and all the pink and green stones

Location: The center of your chest

Musical Note: F#


The improvement of our intuitive energy centers increases the potentiality of self-realization and movement to an enlightened status. The fulfillment of personal potential gives birth to unlimited possibilities. This unlimited potential expands into the realms of the mystical and esoteric. These spiritual gifts are latent within everyone, and it is up to each of us to awaken the talents. These gifts are vibrationally located within the crown chakra. Make a clear intention as to why you want to improve yourself and how it will serve you and especially how it will serve others. We each have the mystical qualities of a magician, a miracle worker, an ascended master and so on. What will you choose?

The Miracle Worker

The crown chakra is where you can shift your reality instantaneously. Siva Baba, a modern-day mystic and scholar originally from India, now living in the United States, says, “Every moment can open to a new reality.” Using the vibration of a fully developed crown center, you are able to actualize this statement and know from this moment to the next that you have the ability to alter reality. Align with the vibration of being a miracle worker.

 Excerpted from Chakra Awakening. (Llewellyn. ) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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