Reiki Hands of Light CD


In Reiki Hands of Light, long sonorous tones and an underlying rhythmic pulse create a gently supportive, ambient soundscape. An essential addition to any healing collection.

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Reiki Hands of Light CD

Reiki is a universal healing energy rediscovered by Mikao Usui at the end of the last century. Reiki is also the term used for a gentle system of healing, mostly by a touch of hands. Several methods have been developed by different successors of Makao Usui. All of them share the realization that a subtle life energy can be activated to promote self-awareness and self-healing of body, mind and soul. Reiki Hands of Light was composed and performed by Deuter with a wonderful sensitivity to let the spirit of Reiki unfold itself. Ideal for: the Healing Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation.

Deuter’s Reiki Hands of Light is loved by therapists and healers around the world, is excellent music for any kind of deep work: Reiki, meditation, massage, or relaxation. Long sonorous tones and an underlying rhythmic pulse create a gently supportive, ambient soundscape. An essential addition to any healing collection.

“Reiki to me is a space of doing with non-doing, very much like making music, surrendering to something greater. Allowing the life energy to flow through you. With that it becomes a transpersonal experience and gives a feeling and taste of oneness of all life.” ~Deuter, Reiki Master Level 2

“After many years of working with Reiki, I have come more and more to value the impact of adequate good music to support Reiki sessions. Why is music so important for healing? Through sound we reach deep unto inner levels which are inaccessible during everyday life. The perception of the world through the eyes activates our left, intellectual, rational brain hemisphere. It experiences forms and conditionings. But through music we open up to the perceptive powers of our left brain hemisphere, which lives in images and symbols. Music in healing lets us become more receptive for intuition, for the yin energies, for the higher self.

Reiki Hands of Light enhances self-healing, exposing us to the world of inner imagery and light, and producing a synergy between REIKI healing methods and the specific needs of the individual. This album is a precious gift for all lovers of Reiki, of music and of self-healing.” ~HP Beate Blaszok, ND, author of Die Reiki Praxis

1. Loving Touch 10:10
2 Healing Circle 12:00
3 Waves of Light 10:40
4 Illumination of the Heart 9:30
5 Mystic Voyage 8:40
6 Shamanic Healing 11:00

Total Time: 61:20

Artist:  Deuter

New Earth Records offers the definitive, official collection of music by Deuter, the German musician who has pioneered New Age Music for over 40 years, connecting East and West in ways that few other artists ever have. Born in postwar Germany, Deuter taught himself the guitar and just about every instrument he could get his hands on, though it wasn’t until after a near-fatal car crash in his early twenties that he decided to pursue a career in music.

Over the years, Deuter has continued to master a vast array of instruments. Music by Deuter now includes flutes, shakuhachi, guitar, banjo, sitar, santoor, piano, cello, tibetan bells, koto, bouzouki, keyboards, and viola da gamba. He has recorded and released over 60 albums, all the while never ceasing to explore new frequencies and resonances.

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