Soulmate Gem Point Pendant


Soulmate Gem Point Pendant

Soulmate Gem Point Pendant – approx 2.25″

  • Rose Quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst

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Soulmate Gem Point Pendant

Soulmate Gem Point Pendant – approx 2.25″

Soulmate Gem Point Pendant

You are a wonder to my soul, a breath of beauty.

Your spirit dances upon my heart, as only two spirits blend into one.

Rose Quartz – Love Stone

Rhodonite – Brings love into action

Garnet – Stimulates compassion and love

Amethyst – Healing, Divine Love

These are very unique. Each Item is individually made, so no – pieces are exactly alike. All  come with black satin cord and information card.

More about  gemstones  from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

, Kindness, and Love!

Affirmation: I am tolerant and have acceptance of the differences between my beliefs and the beliefs of others. I am nurturing. I accept nurturing from others. I am compassionate and kind. I give love to others and readily accept theirs in return.

Color: pink

Chakra(s): heart

Astrological sign(s): Taurus, Libra

Planet(s): Venus

Number(s): 6

Element(s): water

Spiritual uses: The pink vibration of rose quartz activates the bridge between the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras. This is significant because this bridge helps connect your human existence as a grounded individual on this planet with your spiritual one. This stone aligns your consciousness with Divine love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and kindness. It calls the energy of the angels, including Archangels Chamuel and Haniel, to surround you and protect you.


Passion for Living

Affirmation: I have plenty of energy and plenty to share. I am vital and strong! I live a full passionate life. I am determined. All my needs are met. I am healthy to the core of my being. My body naturally heals itself.

Color: red

Chakra(s): root

Astrological sign(s): Aries

Planet(s): Mars

Number(s): 16/7

Element(s): fire

Spiritual uses: Garnet is the stone of awakening. Its fiery nature inspires enlightenment and activates kundalini energy—a sleeping, dormant force holding all of human potential. This energy is naturally coiled at the base of the spine and is quite powerful when activated. When working with garnet to uncoil this energy, do it with care through serious yoga practice. Garnet can be used to invoke the energy of Archangels Ariel, Camael, and Uriel. Some myths link garnet to Persephone of Greek mythology, the queen of the underworld and wife of Haides.

Mental uses: Garnet keeps you focused on your creative power. Carrying the vibration of passion and determination, this red gem helps you to follow through on your goals. Use it when you need to stop procrastinating and get motivated. It also helps you to maintain balance to prevent anger and frustration.

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