Sunstone Pendant


Sunstone Pendant

Set in Sterling Silver

Choose from

  • Sunstone Teardrop Pendant #1 (1″ x .625″)
  • Sunstone Teardrop Pendant #2 (1.125″ x  .625″)
  • Sunstone Teardrop “puffy” Pendant #3  (1″ x  .75″)
  • Sunstone Oval Pendant #4 (.825 x .625″)
  • Sunstone Oval Pendant #5 (1″ x .50″)

(note: measurements do not include the bale)

Let the Sun Shine In

Affirmation: My light shines brightly. I am self-confident and recognize my value and worth. Other people also recognize my value and worth. I shine the light of compassion, kindness, and love from my heart.



Sunstone Pendant

Set in Sterling Silver

“About the stone: Sunstone is an oligoclase variety of the mineral feldspar, which is potassium aluminum silicate. Sunstone crystallizes in the triclinic system, however is usually found as crystalline masses. The yellow to orange color is due to thin platy crystals of copper, goethite, and or hematite found in a parallel orientation that gives the stones a spangled effect.

Spiritual uses: wearing this Sunstone Pendant brings you spiritual fortitude and self-confidence so that you can develop your spiritual gifts. With this stone in hand, recognize that you have a direct connection with the Divine. This stone reminds you that self-confidence is necessary to improve your own life as well as to be an instrument of peace and love to help all humanity. This stone activates that part of you that remembers your spiritual magnificence. Sunstone is the gemstone of Archangel Ariel.

Mental uses: Sunstone’s luminosity offers mental clarity and connects you with positive thoughts. Just like the sun, this stone sheds light on obstacles and brings luck and good fortune. It is the stone of manifestation and the power of the mind to create reality. This gemstone activates creative thought processes, which help you to bring forth inspiration for inventions and art alike.

Emotional uses: Sunstone reminds you of your own personal brilliance and magnificence, thereby raising your spirit and increasing your self-confidence. Its fiery energy evaporates out-of-balance watery emotions. This is a stone of new beginnings and brings promise and optimism. Use it to help lift you from feelings of depression by bringing you the realization that happiness is always available to you and that it is up to you.

Physical uses: Sunstone amplifies the vital life force within you. It promotes passionate action toward a goal with the motivation required to get things done.”

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones  by Margaret Ann Lembo

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