Tektite Ring – Size 9


Tektite Ring – Size 9

Tektite ignites unlimited potential of spiritual growth into unexplored dimensions and supports spiritual understanding.

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Tektite Ring – Size 9

Tektite Ring

  • Meteoric glass that activates telepathic ability
  • Used during meditation to open 3rd eye center
  • Increases intuition and ability to foretell potential realities
  • Assists in channeling information from other realms
  • Assists in new spiritual understanding
  • Ignites unlimited potential of spiritual growth into unexplored dimensions

Message from Pig (Tektite energy)

If you have grabbed onto a thought, memory, or life experience and have been chewing it over ever since, it is time to release it. Let go of thoughts about the past (whether it was five minutes ago or five years ago) so that you can find inner peace and true happiness in the moment. Imagine the bright future ahead of you, and move forward peacefully and calmly.

Pig affirmation:

I move forward with grace. My intuition is strong. I am an intelligent being with the ability to focus on complex tasks. I enjoy learning new things. I create the perfect space to learn. I pay attention to the messages I receive through aromas and inner voice. I use my intuition and follow my hunches.

Are you ready to focus on what lies ahead? Do you honor your innate intelligence as it works with your intuitive abilities? Have you been taking care of your skin?

Pig totem is an ally for forward movement. Pigs are food driven and use their snout in search of sustenance. They eat in a unique manner, using their hooves to scratch in a backward motion to uncover their food. Pig, therefore, is a symbol of progress. They cannot move their necks and look backward the way we do, so they cannot see behind them without completely turning around. This is a reminder to keep moving forward and not look back.

Pigs roll in mud primarily to protect their skin from the sun and insects. Pig medicine, thus, reminds you to take care of your skin by being mindful of ultraviolet rays and protecting yourself from biting insects. Contrary to popular belief, a distinctive characteristic of pigs is their cleanliness. Pigs really aren’t dirty creatures; they just like spa treatments!

Pigs are intelligent creatures. When Pig shows up in your life, honor your intelligence. Know that Pig is supporting you in all areas where your memory and intelligence are being put to the test. Pig also teaches you about healthy detachment. As pets, pigs require less attention than many other pets. This energy of detachment can help you when you need to stop being clingy in a relationship.

Because pigs are nearsighted, they have a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. These qualities enhance the intuitive senses of clairolfaction and clairaudience.

Exerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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