Three Band Ring – Size 8


Three Band Ring – Size 8

  • Three Band Ring – .3″ wide (adjustable sizing)


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Three Band Ring – Size 8

Three Band Ring

  • Three Band Ring – .3″ wide

The Number 3

Three is a powerful number, symbolizing the holy trinity, the phases of life, and the principles of nature. It has also come to mean the whole as it contains the beginning, middle, and end.

The number three is the number of creative expression and sunny enthusiasm. The number three invites social events and entertain- ment for the purposes of expanding joy and happiness. As a soul number, three indicates conscientiousness with a drive to bring cheer and enthusiasm while working to bring your dreams and wishes into manifest reality. Financial success and wealth man-
agement fall under this number, as do opportunities for more responsibility. Artists, musicians, and entertainers are associated with the number three. The number three is also a number of change, travel, and worldly success. Three brings the energy of broadening horizons in life.

Zodiac: Three is connected with the zodiac signs of Leo and Gemini.

Gemstones associated with the number three are amazonite, amber, amethyst druzy, ametrine, blue calcite, citrine, copper, dogtooth calcite, emerald, epidote, fluorite, golden calcite, green calcite, honey calcite, optical calcite, orange calcite, pink calcite, red calcite, silver topaz, and yellow jasper.

 Excerpted from Crystals Beyond Beginners (Llewellyn. ) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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