Tree Agate Ring – Size 9


Tree Agate Ring – Size 9

Tree Agate Ring – AKA Dendritic Agate

  • Rectangle free-form 1.1x.8x.25

Key Phrase: Standing Ones

Affirmation: The earth is my mother. I am one with all that is. I am connected with the sacred energy of the trees, plants, & shrubs.

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Tree Agate Ring – Size 9

Tree Agate Ring – AKA Dendritic Agate

  • Rectangle free-form 1.1x.8x.25

Color: translucent to white with green inclusions

Chakra(s): crown, heart, and root

About the stone: is silicon dioxide forming into microcrystalline quartz forming white gemstones with dendritic, or branch-like, inclusions. Gemstones are translucent to opaque.

Astrological sign(s): Taurus

Mohs scale: 6.5–7

Spiritual uses: Use this stone for earth-centered spiritual pursuit, earth-based rituals, and shamanic journeywork.

Mental uses: amplifies your ability to gather knowledge and wisdom from the universal consciousness. It also helps you to more readily access the vast information stored within your own mind. Imagine that the crown of your head is like the branches of a tree reaching out for and absorbing information, while you stay rooted in the earth. When your to-do list is lengthy, this stone will help you stay grounded and focused.

Emotional uses: reminds you to sway with the winds of change as they occur so that you can readily and easily adapt to new things and situations. This stone encourages you to take yourself into nature to rebalance raw emotions, feelings, and out-of-control responses. Use the negative ions of nature to reestablish your emotional balance.

Physical uses: the perfect stone for arborists, gardeners, florists, farmers, aromatherapists, herbalists, and anyone aligned with plants and nature.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013)

by Margaret Ann Lembo

Divine guidance: Are you a tree hugger or activist? Take the time to sit beneath a tree and connect with the qualities of its firmly planted roots, its ability to flex and bend in a storm, and its amazing power of growth. Remember your roots; yet always remember how much you can grow to reach great heights.


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