Inspirational Oracle: Angels, Archangels, Masters, Mystics, Saints and the Gemstone Guardians


Date: Monday, November 20

Time: 6:45 – 9:15 PM

Price: $22 prepaid, $27 at the door. Non-refundable. Prepayment closes at 5 pm the day of the event. Maximum 25 people. Note: though the fee is non-refundable it can be transferred to another person or for other workshops that Margaret Ann Lembo offers.

Do you love angels? Are you a mystic? How is your connection with saints? Learn about angels and archangels. Find out if you are a mystic. Understand and experience how messages and symbols in ordinary life offer you clues to light your path and find your way on this earth walk. This event includes an inspirational message for each participant using one of the Gemstone Oracle Card Decks (This is not fortune telling). It is possible this event will go beyond 9:15 pm depending on turnout and how quickly the messages are delivered to participants. Please plan on staying for the full event.

Price: $22.00
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