Presenter: Margaret Ann Lembo, author of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones and Chakra Awakening

Join Margaret Ann Lembo as she teaches about gemstones and crystals. Learn how to use crystals to create your reality including information on Chakras,  Energy Healing, Manifesting, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities and much more.

The Master Class Series features 10 recorded webcasts each lasting 60 - 90 minutes. Each class includes a full power point presentation and beautiful photography.

Courses Descriptions:
The Basics on Crystals, Minerals, and Stones  - Includes gemstone types, how to recognize various clear quartz faces and when to use them, clearing techniques, charging your stones, and how to choose a crystal for any use. Includes gemstone types, clearing techniques, charging your stones, and how to choose a crystal.

Chakras and Energy Healing - An in depth look at chakras and colors including how to recognize if a chakra is out of balance. This week you will gain understanding of the subtle bodies and how they consciously and unconsciously create your reality.

Manifesting and Visioning with Gemstones - Find out which crystals are the best to manifest your dreams and desires. Learn tools to help you gain clarity on what you want and how to make it happen. Learn how to use crystals to increase your courage and confidence to let yourself live the life you really want!

Romance and Relationships Rocks - Ready for romance? Would you like more friends? Want to love yourself more? Find out which gems are the best for improving all types of relationships.

Creativity, Motivation and Fertility Gemstones - Do you need help getting motivated? Are you ready to conceive? Conception starts before the birth of your child OR your project. We all give birth to many things so learn how to do so with focused intent and the power of the gemstone kingdom to help you!

Igniting Intuition and Psychic Abilities - Are you psychic? Do you want to be? Of course you are extremely intuitive! Learn how to recognize and trust your intuition to help you live a life filled with blessings and well-being. Learn which stones are great for developing on a spiritual level.

Gemstones as a Money Magnet - Want more money? Do you need to establish avenues for income and financial freedom? Join me this week to learn which gems are best to help you increase prosperity and abundance. Margaret Ann will also share her entrepreneurial skills during this workshop.

Crystals for Grounding, Protection, and to deflect Negativity - Learn about how to use rocks to help you release scattered energy and find focus and grounding to maintain equilibrium. Many gems are beneficial to deflect various types of negativity. Learn when to use which crystals for the various types of challenging situations and experiences.

Art of Communication with Crystals - Do you need courage and confidence to speak up for yourself? Perhaps you want to be a better listener or maybe you want to be heard! Either way, learn tools for improving your communication skills including hearing and receiving messages from the Divine - angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side.

Chakra Balancing and the Laying on of Stones - In this course we will delve into various gemstone layouts to encourage balance and alignment of the gemstones. Experience a live virtual crystal alignment so have your crystals ready to place on and around your body for this experience.

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