WEBCAST- Techniques for dealing with anxiety associated with the holiday seasonWEBCAST: TECHNIQUES FOR DEALING WITH ANXIETY ASSOCIATED WITH THE HOLIDAY SEASON

Presenter: Margaret Ann Lembo

Release date: December 2016.  (Webcasts are only offered as recordings specific date of release TBD)

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During the ‘season’ we find ourselves in the time of hustle and bustle. We have many parties to go to (or not), a lot of presents to buy, a lot of food to donate and eat, and still find a way to have enough money to do all of that. There is a lot of pressure for more people than you might realize. Some do not have presents to buy - or to receive. Some do not feel the hustle and bustle in a joyful way. There are many who secretly or not so secretly dread the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Somehow, this season causes an extraordinary amount of stress and depression. Join Margaret Ann to uncover ways to help yourself and those around you.

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