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Archangel Raphael and Legions of Healing Angels By Margaret Ann Lembo


Archangel Raphael and Legions of Healing Angels
By Margaret Ann Lembo

Archangel Raphael is the archangel responsible for healing and good health in most traditions. Raphael is mentioned in the Book of Tobit. His name means ‘It is God who heals.’ Archangel Raphael provides healing support for any type of discomfort on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This archangel helps to strengthen your determination to overcome health challenges, helps you understand how you created your present situation, and provide healing support through the transformation. Raphael helps to draw helpful people into your life during a period of healing and heal attachments to things that are no longer for your highest good.

Call on Archangel Raphael and petition the assistance of the archangel to guide you in life to keep you in good health. If you are already challenged by a health issue, ask this angel to show you what you need to do to improve your well-being. Call on Raphael when you need guidance on how to heal yourself or others and to inspire you to find the perfect health care practitioners. He is said to be the head of the Guardian Angels. Raphael’s energy is emerald green.

blankWatch for signs and listen to your intuition when you get an idea on how you can heal. Use aromatherapy to invite another sense to increase your attention on how to heal. Pray and spray Archangel Raphael Spray to bring connection with the highest level of self-care and healing.

Everyday Angels

Call on the Angel of Health and legions of healing angels to light the way to a balanced emotional state and a peaceful mind, as well as better physical health. Well-being is your natural state. Living a healthy life includes social well-being as well as physical, emotional, and mental balance. Spiritual fulfillment also contributes to good health. Imagine yourself full of health and vitality. Visualize yourself feeling and looking physically fit with plenty of energy—enough energy to share your blessings and take the actions you need to take toward emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Determine the best diet for your body and implement healthy eating strategies. Diversify how you exercise and get a good night’s sleep for optimal health. Decide to be strong and in great condition and then ask the Angel of Health to inspire you to achieve this intention.

Crystals, Minerals, and Stones for Good Health

Wear specific healing crystals and gemstones like citrine, garnet, green aventurine, jade, or ruby. Use citrine blankfor mental clarity, for ease indigestion, and to integrate everything going on around you and within you. Employ garnet to increase energy, stamina, and vitality. Keep green aventurine for health, wealth, and happiness. Use jade for good fortune, love, health, and wellness. And, gaze at ruby to align with your core inner strength.


Oh, Angel of Health! Please guide me in being aware of the actions I need to take every day to be healthy. Help me to think positively and feel gratitude for my life to boost my immune system. I want to eat properly and exercise regularly. Inspire me to eat the foods that are perfect for my body type. Show me ways to balance my work and my playtime so that I feel emotionally and mentally fulfilled. Inspire me to choose good habits to maintain a healthy weight, glowing skin, strong hair and nails, and overall well-being. Thank you!

Portions of this article are excerpted from The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo (Llewellyn Worldwide. September 8, 2020)


Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing; Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards, and many more. Margaret Ann is an evolutionary aromatherapist, the creator of Smudge in Spray, and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established 1988.

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Blessings and Good Fortune: Attract Abundance, Health, and Happiness


Blessings and Good Fortune: Attract abundance, health, and happiness

By Margaret Ann Lembo

When it comes to luck, it’s always up to you and your mindset to attract favorable circumstances. Ask yourself, ‘In what ways am I lucky? Where in my life do I feel unlucky? What is the source of all the happiness, luck, and favorable outcomes I’ve experienced?

You can shift your mindset so you can believe that you are always blessed with favorable outcomes and that you can always have great luck! Luck appears to come by chance, but in truth, it is a state of mind. When you believe you can have success, prosperity, good health, along with a wonderful family and good friends—things that make you feel lucky—you invite these things to manifest in your life. Having good fortune is your decision.

Amplify your intentions and maintain mindfulness on a life filled with goodness and blessings using blankamethyst, copper, carnelian, citrine, and jade, to name a few gems. Use the amethyst to attract good thoughts, pleasant dreams, and transformational experiences that lead you to blessings and good fortune. Keep copper nearby with the intention to be a conduit of good luck for those around you. Allow the carnelian to motivate you to take the action required to manifest a life filled with all that is good. Hold onto some citrine to assist you when you need some help to look at life optimistically as you consciously create your reality filled with blessings. Keep jade in your pocket or on your desk as a reminder that you have a life filled with blessings, good health, great wealth, and happiness.


Send off a petition and invite the Angel of Good Fortune to light your path. Send off a request something like this:

Oh, Angel of Good Fortune! Please help me attract blessings, abundance, prosperity, great health, and happiness into my life. Inspire me to be fortunate enough to know how to create my own luck. In addition to random chance, show me ways to take action to create favorable outcomes and good fortune. Let me manifest my dreams to bring blessings into my own life and into the lives of others. Help me to have plenty of all that is good so that I can share that good fortune with my friends, family, and the community. Thank you!

Use some positive thoughts to replace thoughts that are no longer for your highest good. Here are a few affirmations to include in your daily thoughts:

I am so incredibly lucky! My life is replete with blessings. The energies of abundance and prosperity flow continuously in my life. I am grateful for all that I have. I am safe and secure because luck is on my side. I am blessed with good luck while traveling. My heart is open and I have good fortune when it comes to loving relationships. My creative mind finds ways to generate my own good luck.

May your days be filled with blessings and love and may the angels light your path.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards, and many more. Her latest book is Crystals Beyond Beginners: Awaken Your Consciousness with Precious Gifts from the Earth. Margaret Ann is an evolutionary aromatherapist and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established 1988.