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Summertime Crystal Grid Ideas for Nature and Outdoors By Margaret Ann Lembo

Summertime Crystal Grid Ideas for Nature and Outdoors By Margaret Ann Lembo

A crystal grid is the use of gemstones in a geometric pattern placed on or around a person, place, or thing to achieve the desired intention. The use of sacred geometry to realize a goal is employed by many including metaphysicians, spiritual teachers, and spiritual practitioners.

Create a grid of stones in your backyard for summertime enjoyment. Set your intention and decide which gems best suit the situation. For an outdoor grid, I recommend that you take note of where you are placing the crystals around your yard.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you going.

  • Write down a clear intention that defines the purpose of the grid.
  • Pick the crystals that will positively affect change.
  • State your intention
  • Intuitively place the stones around the space
  • Use your imagination and visualize beams of light connecting every stone for love and well-being.

Around the pool area use aquamarine, blue lace agate, chrysoprase, selenite align you with the spirits of water, relaxation, and comfort.

By the barbecue grill area use apatite, clear quartz, green calcite, hematite, rose quartz, smoky quartz to improve cooking abilities to provide your loved ones with healthy food.

For the gardener in you, make a grid to connect with nature spirits to support your gardening efforts. Choose andalusite, clear quartz, green moss agate, green tourmaline, and tree agate.

When creating a crystal grid in a landscape or even at home, room or office, remember to envision the crystals that are placed throughout the space connected energetically to create a geometric formation. In your mind’s eye, connect the crystals with beams of light in order to create the grid. Your imagination is key in this process. Use it and visualize your desired outcome.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards; the Crystal Intentions Oracle; and Crystals Beyond Beginners — to name a few. Margaret Ann is an evolutionary aromatherapist and the founder of The Crystal Garden.