Apophyllite Tip


Apophyllite Tip

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  • Double terminated  (1.75″ x .75″)
  • Small  (approximately .50″ -1″ W)
  • Medium (approximately 1 – 1.5″W x 1.5″ T)
  • Large (approximately 1.25″-1.50″ W  x 1.25″)




Apophyllite Tip

Universal Wisdom

Affirmation: I clear my mind effortlessly, and I am blessed with great mental clarity. I intimately know and trust my inner truth. I accept myself without judgment. I meditate regularly and enjoy being insightful. My connection with Universal Wisdom guides me in my daily life. It is easy for me to stay focused and to quiet my mind and emotions. The miracle worker within me is alive and well.

About the stone: Hydrated potassium calcium silicate that crystallizes.

Astrological sign(s): Libra

Planet(s): Venus and the Moon

Number(s): 7

Element(s): air

Mohs scale: 4.5–5

Apophyllite helps you access the Akashic Records (the history of the cosmos), and assists in past-life recall, the ability to see and read the aura, and spiritual healings. It is a stone to use to connect with Archangels Metatron, Sandalphon, and Seraphiel. Use it during Reiki sessions to help you stay focus on allowing the Universal Life Force to flow through you.

With its natural pyramidal structure and its excellent ability to refract light and sparkle so intensely, apophyllite is the perfect stone to clear your mind of incessant chatter. The result is clarity of consciousness. Use a clear apophyllite point on your third eye center to improve your meditation practice. This stone can help you to quickly center yourself and quiet your thoughts.

Divine guidance: Do you wish to gain clearer insight or a better understanding of a situation? Make an appointment with yourself to meditate or sit in silence. Do this often. Open your consciousness and listen for your soul’s truth and embrace it without judgment. Mental clarity and self-acceptance are the gifts of regular meditation practice.

~excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo


Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing; Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards, and many more. Margaret Ann is an evolutionary aromatherapist, the creator of Smudge in Spray, and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established 1988.

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