Covellite with Pyrite Tumbled


Covellite with Pyrite tumbled

Affirmation: I’m self-motivated, strong, and determined to follow through on the next best thing and to be productive. I am strong, healthy, and unwavering in my body, mind, and spirit. I believe in the power of my imagination. I live life with vim, vigor, and vitality. My passion for living is heartfelt and dynamic.


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Covellite with Pyrite tumbled

Covellite with Pyrite Tumbled:

  • Holding the Vision
  • Enhances ability to recall past lives
  • Assists in achieving your dreams
  • Assists in releasing anger and frustration

Goat And Covellite

Are you a determined person? Is there something you are focused on and unwavering in your intention to achieve that goal? Are you ready to climb to great heights?

Goat totem is an ally when you need to be firm and committed regarding specific decisions or goals. Goat is a helpful energy when you want to step up your game and walk toward your dreams with a purposeful spirit. With Goat’s vibe, you will uncover the part of you that not only walks toward high-reaching intentions but also climbs high to achieve and live your life purpose.

As pets, goats enjoy companionship with their human companion and will follow them around and keep weeds and grass trimmed (and your bushes and flowers eaten, too!). Goat is also a reminder to weed the garden of your mind and emotions. Weed out what no longer serves you, and embrace what does. Clear it out, just as Goat naturally clears land, weeds, and grass as part of its nourishment process.

When Goat gambols into your life, it is time to recognize your “herd” or companions and the warmth and enjoyment you provide one another. Goat is social and affectionate, fun, smart, and independent. Symbolically, Goat has a warm energy and relates to the warmth of community, which is symbolized by the mohair and fibers that are used in textiles. Because milk and cheese are another gift from Goat, your Goat ally amplifies your ability to produce the finances you need to meet your core needs. Have a meal with friends and take the time to love, laugh, and be merry.

Message from Goat

Realize that it is up to you to consciously create circumstances to fulfill your dreams and destiny. Believe in the power of your imagination, and have a strong focus. Visualize your dreams as if they have already been realized. It is probably time to take action! Be determined and confident enough to make the necessary steps to live the life of your dreams.

Message from Covellite

Find your tribe, and cultivate good friends and colleagues. It takes time to develop and nurture strong bonds of friendship. Make an effort, and make the time to be with the people who are of like mind. Use your talents, and focus on establishing peace and fellowship. Open your heart to feel the warmth and love of your community.

Excerpted from Margaret Ann Lembo’s Animal Totems Book

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