Karma and Reincarnation

Karma & Reincarnation

Trascending you past…Transforming your future

You’ll find out how to turn your karmic encounters into grand opportunities to shape the future you want.


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Karma & Reincarnation

Karma & Reincarnation

Transcending you past…Transforming your future

We have all been here before . . .

The word karma has made it into the mainstream. But not everyone knows what it really means or how to deal with it. This insightful book will help you come to grips with karmic connections from past lives that have helped create the circumstances of your life today.

You’ll discover how your actions in past lives―good and bad―affect which family you’re born into, who you’re attracted to, and why some people put you on edge. You’ll learn about group karma, what we do between lives, and what the great lights of East and West, including Jesus, have to say about karma and reincarnation.

Most of all, you’ll find out how to turn your karmic encounters into grand opportunities to shape the future you want.

About the Author:Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009) was a pioneer of modern spirituality and an internationally renowned speaker and author. Her books are published in more than 30 languages, and millions of copies have been sold online and in bookstores worldwide. Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Prophet walked the path of spiritual adeptship, advancing through the universal initiations common to mystics of both East and West. She taught about this path and described her own experiences for the benefit of all who desire to make spiritual progress. Mrs. Prophet has left an extensive library of spiritual teachings from the ascended masters and a thriving, worldwide community of people who study and practice these teachings

Excerpt from Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo

You, too, bring forward your knowledge and wisdom from previous incarnations. To bring this wisdom into awareness takes conscious direction to achieve the recollection of memories and knowledge. This achievement is something worth working toward. The development of meditation skills is an important factor in realizing the full scope of the awareness your personal consciousness has to offer.


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