Meditation Moods CD


Meditation Moods: This “best of” collection with several brand new tracks features the soothing music of flute and harp the Evensons are known for.

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Meditation Moods CD

After collaborating with great musicians from around the world for over 30 years, husband and wife team, Dean and Dudley  Evenson, have put together a beautiful offering in Meditation Moods featuring their own deeply meditative music.  Meditation Moods celebrates their three decades of award-winning releases in support of their mission of PEACE THROUGH MUSIC.

This “best of” collection with several brand new tracks features the soothing music of flute and harp the Evensons are known for. It is exactly what is needed during stressful times to support meditation, yoga and all healing modalities.

1. Calming Insight of Ourselves
2. Personal Sanctuary
3. River of Dreams
4. Soft Summer Serenade
5. Inner Child
6. Tantra Love
7. Mystic Flight
8. Blanket of Buttercups
9. Falling Into Flight
10. Pure Light Mind

Artist: Dean & Dudley Evenson

Dean Evenson – Silver flute, Alto flute, Native American flute, Keyboards, Natural Sounds

Dudley Evenson – Harp, Handharp, Tamboura, Gamelon, Singing Bowls

In 1979, husband and wife team and Soundings of the Planet co-founders, Dean and Dudley Evenson, decided to blend their peaceful music of flute and harp with the sounds of nature and start their own record label. They wanted to carry the message of the earth through their music into urban areas where decisions about the planet were being made. This inspiration came to them directly from their contacts with Native American elders and medicine people. They were also motivated to create a more peaceful and meditative form of music that would support yoga and massage and their evolving spiritual path.

Throughout the 1970s, Dean and Dudley had been pioneers in the half-inch video movement. They traveled the country in a converted school bus with their growing family, documenting the new consciousness as it was emerging. With their black and white Sony ‘portapack’, they videotaped Native Americans, Indian gurus, mystics, healers, artists, environmentalists and new thought leaders. However, the early video technology predated the invention of video cassettes and VHS players had not yet been introduced so there was no easy delivery system to distribute the information they were gathering. At the end of the 70s, they had hundreds of hours of videotapes, but no way to share them on a wide scale.

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