Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

2 oz spray

Sweet Dreams can be used with the intention of calming the mind’s incessant chatter.



Sweet Dreams  

 Sweet Dreams encourages feelings of well-being and comfort. Use this spray to bring pleasant dreams, invoke good vibes, and bring liquid light to chase away things invisible in the night. 

Sweet Dreams can be used with the intention of calming the mind’s incessant chatter. Providing a sense of serenity, this blend is beneficial for times when too many things are happening at once and you need to regain your mental focus and fall asleep and stay asleep. Use it with the intention of promoting inner peace and restful sleep. The hints of vanilla’s scent instill a sense of calm, invoking feelings of safety and peace. Encourages transformation through dreams and powerful meditation experiences. 

Spray it around you and your space.

Aromatic Blend Notes: creamsicle, citrusy, sweet, floral, vanilla

Bach Flower Essences: Aspen, Mimulus, Walnut

Gemstone Essence: AmethystApophyllite, Kunzite, Selenite

Waters: Chalice Well Water; Spring from Mother Mary’s home in Anatolia, Turkey; St. Germain in France, Lanzon, Teotihuacan, Manitoba Springs, St. Anne’s Cathedral in Quebec

Synergistic proprietary formula received through Divine Inspiration by Margaret Ann Lembo.

For external use only. Shake well.

Ingredients: Water; Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils; Holy Waters from around the world; Bach Flower Essences; Gemstone Tinctures; Organic Vanilla Extract.

Affirmation: I feel joyful and confident! I brightly shine the light of compassion, kindness, and love from my heart. Prosperity abounds in my life, and goodness multiplies. Many people with plenty of resources need the services I offer. I easily relax my body, mind, and spirit. I comfort myself when I am out of sorts.

excerpts from The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Ann Lembo

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Sweet Dreams
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