Turquoise Natural Tumbled


Turquoise calms inflammations and agitation. Its calming energy helps you to release tension and anger. Balances & aligns chakras.

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Turquoise Natural Tumbled

Turquoise Natural Tumbled:

  • Purification stone
  • Assists in connecting with cosmic energies
  • Assists in knowing, speaking & living your own truth
  • Creative problem solving
  • Balances & aligns chakras
  • Stabilizes mood
  • General healing properties

Talks with Spirit

Affirmation: I open my consciousness to various forms of expression. I express myself with ease and grace. My creativity is activated. I am a channel of Divine inspiration. I receive insights and wisdom from various cultures and philosophies.

Color: bluish-green and greenish-blue

Chakra(s): throat

About the stone: Turquoise is a hydrous copper aluminum phosphate with iron present in varying degrees. Turquoise crystallizes in the triclinic system, although it is normally found in massive form as nodules, or in veins and sometimes displaying botryoidal growth. The material varies in porosity.

Turquoise balances the mood swings commonly associated with premenstrual syndrome. This stone helps to remind you that the feelings and realizations you receive during the premenstrual and perimenopausal periods of your life are valid, but you are able to act upon them with grace and ease.

Turquoise calms inflammations and agitation. Its calming energy helps you to release tension, reduce anger, and relieve headaches. This stone is an excellent reminder to drink sufficient water.

Divine guidance: What do you wish to express? How do you wish to express it? Is there something you need to say to someone? Expression comes in many forms. Meditate on what you would like to communicate and then have the courage to do so.

Photos are representational – size of stone varies. Stone is chosen intuitively for you.

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