Roll On Essential Oil Blends

“Be” Line of Roll On Essential Oil Blends

Created by Margaret Ann Lembo, the “Be” line of Roll On's add to the already best-selling Aroma-Energetic Sprays and Essential Oil Blends.

The sleek size is just right to slip into your purse. Apply throughout the day and delight in the aroma that will remind you of your intention to…

“Be” whatever you want to “Be”

“Be” Happy…Inspired…Love…Motivated…Romantic…Safe…Sleepy…Wealthy

Each delicious scent is specially hand blended and made with fractionated coconut oil and a propriety blend of medical grade essential oils.

“Creating a line of roll-on fragrances has been a dream of mine for a long time. The blends have been carefully formulated to bring you the very best. I believe that positive thought is the basis of being successful. I wanted the blends to be a powerful reminder that with focus and intention you can “Be” whatever you want to “Be. These blends are more than just a fragrance – they are a tool to assist you in transforming your life!"



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Angel-gesic Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Happy Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Inspired Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Love Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Motivated Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Romantic Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Safe Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Sleepy Roll On

Price: $18.00
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Be Wealthy Roll On

Price: $18.00
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