Perseverance and Faith by Margaret Ann Lembo

Perseverance and Faith by Margaret Ann Lembo

Maewyn Succat is his real name. Saint Patrick’s early years included a period when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was an imprisoned shepherd on Mount Slemish in County Antrim which is the first known home of Saint Patrick.

Call on the energy of Saint Patrick when you need an extra charge of good energy that will appear as little miracles all the time. If Saint Patrick comes to your awareness, let it be a reminder of the power of prayer and that it is time to pray. And, it’s a sign that perseverance and faith are necessary today and always.

Saint Patrick followed messages and realizations he received in the dreamtime to escape from slavery. Let this saint be a reminder to pay attention to your intuition and believe yourself when you receive messages or guidance.

Use this saint’s vibe to uncover your own mission in life. Throughout Saint Patrick’s life, from being kidnapped into slavery to becoming a powerful Catholic missionary and eventually a bishop in Ireland, he maintained his focus to stay on course in alignment with the Divine plan. Call on this energy to help you during times when you need tenacity and single-mindedness in your life.

So, is it good fortune or is it really perseverance and faith?

Affirmation: With faith and prayer, my petitions are always answered. Perseverance is part of my nature. I open my ears to hear the messages from within and follow clues of guidance all around me.

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