Archangel Jehudiel Statue Small

Archangel Jehudiel Statue Small

Hand Painted Resin

Approximately 2 1/3″ x 1 1/2″ x 4 7/8″


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Archangel Jehudiel Statue Small

Archangel Jehudiel is the angel of praise to God. He is one of the seven archangels as indicated in the book of Tobit and in the easter rites of the Catholic Church. His name is also 

He is an angel of protection and, like Archangel Michael, will keep you and your home safe and sound. In art, he appears with a crown and a whip. The crown is the reward for hard work and the whip symbolizes the responsibility that comes with power.  

Jehudiel is especially present for those who have an important mission. He wants to be sure that any challenges are removed from your path. Ask Archangel Jehudiel to remove perceived or imposed blocks in your path. Ask him to bring you wisdom and clear the way to solve problems or difficult situations in the workplace. Use his energy to protect you so you can accomplish what you are meant to do. This includes asking him to shine light on your path so you know your next step as well as asking him open the way to know how to increase the flow of money so you can achieve your goals. 

Connect with Jehudiel using these stones:

Black Tourmaline to push away unwelcome energy and deflect negativity to keep you safe. 

Charoite will help you to clear emotional cords and blocks so you can release the energy of cords of the past. 

This information is excerpted from Margaret Ann Lembo‘s upcoming title, The Essential Guide to Archangels and Saints. Look at her current title on angels, The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels.


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