Attracts Money Incense 20-stick pack



Attracts Money Incense 20-stick pack

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Attracts Money Incense 20-stick

These 20-stick incense packs are a big favorite of our customers here at The Crystal Garden. At only $1 a pack, purchase multiple scents and combine intentions or reasons you are burning the incense.


Attracts Money Incense 20-stick pack

I am self-confident. My value and worth are recognized by others and by myself. I am a money magnet.

Prosperity Mist 2 oz

This blend improves your focus on financial success and attracts passionate action, therefore activating self-motivation, abundance, health, and vitality. Spray Prosperity Mist anywhere you store your money or the areas associated with wealth and abundance. Mist it over your cash register and your checkbook. Connect with the vibe of prosperity around yourself while you are paying bills or working on a business plan because they are associated with money. Maintain your intention to increase your wealth and abundance.

There is plenty of money and plenty to share. Abundance flows freely into my life. I am grateful for the many blessings in all areas of my life.

“Creating True Prosperity

Personal-growth pioneer Shakti Gawain presents her definition of prosperity: not bankrolls and material possessions, but rather a fulfilled heart and soul. Interviewing people about their views of prosperity, she has found that most, regardless of their wealth, feel a serious lacking in their overall sense of well-being. Using a fresh approach, she challenges the Western tendency to equate money with happiness, encouraging readers to examine their longings honestly, follow them to their roots, and separate them from false desires or addictions. Writing with authority and warmth, Gawain shows readers how to create true prosperity in satisfying relationships and the kind of happiness not dependent on possessions or circumstances.”
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