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Protection Bath Salts


Protection Bath Salt

Wash away negativity and stress and focus on positive outcomes.

This select blend of salts, herbs, and aromatic oil has been charged with energy to not only be a comforting presence within your bath waters but to aid in ritual magic and spells of protection.

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Protection Bath Salt

5 oz

Protection Bath Salt  to your bath water for abundance and peace. Wash away negativity and stress and focus on positive outcomes.

These ritual bath salts are aromatherapeutic and charged to strengthen you. Dissolve the salts in a warm bath and immerse your body in the soothing waters. While you soak away all negativity and stress, keep your thoughts upon positive emotions of attaining and living your desire.

An especially chosen blend of salts and herbs that has been infused with aromatic oils and charged with energy, these Protection Bath Salt are a great addition to spells of money drawing and ritual baths.

Use these positive affirmations excerpted from The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo

Angel of Protection

Why don’t I feel safe? Who or what do I need to be protected from? Are there situations or relationships in my life that make me feel afraid?

Call on the Angel of Protection when your life feels out of control or you feel unsafe. You may need protection from your own thoughts and emotions first! Calling on this angel is more like calling a legion of angels, all of which will help you become conscious of how you have drawn in situations that make you feel like you need protection. This angel can help protect you from outside influences as well. If you are feeling unsafe, start with yourself and pray. Pray that you can clear your mind, heart, and emotions of fear, and pray that you will be Divinely protected by legions of angels. Use your imagination to envision yourself surrounded by an entourage of angels who deflect the negative thoughts, feelings, energies, and actions that come from others. Ask the Angel of Protection to create a shield of shimmering white light around you that transforms and transmutes anything in your space that isn’t love into love.

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