Chakra Sri Yantra Candle


Chakra Sri Yantra Candle

(7 Colors) Unscented

16 oz Aloha Jar Candle

Caution: Never leave candles burning unattended

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Chakra Sri Yantra Candle

(7 Colors) Unscented 16 oz

  • 100% Vegetable
  • Palm Wax Candle
  • Sri Yantra
  • Multi-Color
  • Chakra Candle
  • Rainbow
  • 17 oz.
  • Burntime 100 hours

Note: These candles to minimize soot emissions. No petroleum products, no lead wicks.

100% Vegetable Palm Wax
Cotton Wick
Glass container

“The Shri YantraSri Yantra, or Shri Chakra is a form of a mystical diagram (yantra) used in the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism. It consists of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point known as a Bindu. These triangles represent the cosmos and the human body.” Wikipedia

“Spinning Wheels of Light

Written knowledge of the chakra system, which is based on yoga philosophy, goes as far back at 2,000 BC and can be found in ancient spiritual texts such as the Vedas (2000–600 B.C.) and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (200 A.D.). The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “vortex.” The seven main chakras or energy centers that make up your body begin at the base of the spine with the root chakra and end at the head with the crown chakra—and all of them are energetically connected. When one or more of your chakras becomes blocked or out of alignment, it affects your mental state or your emotional balance. It can also affect you spiritually. Eventually, the blockage presents itself on the physical level with dis-ease or some health condition that seems to show up out of nowhere.

You may have heard this before, but it bears repeating. You are spiritual being living in a physical, human body. But the physical body you wake up in each morning and put to bed every night, the one that gives you aches and pains or makes you feel elated for finishing a five-mile run, is often the only body we focus on. Just as important to your well-being are your other three bodies: mental, emotional, and spiritual. These bodies comprise your thoughts (mental body), your feelings (emotional body) and your connection with spirit (spiritual body). Even though you can’t see your thoughts, feelings, and your spirit, you know they exist. You know how low you feel when your feelings are hurt by someone, just as you know how depleted you feel when you don’t read your favorite books and newspapers or spend time in quiet contemplation.

The landscape of the seven main chakras helps you understand where all four of your bodies are located. Table 1.1 lists the seven chakras and the colors associated with them: the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the navel, and the root. The lower three chakras are related to the physical part that connects you with the more mundane aspects of living here on planet Earth: food, shelter, and water. The upper three chakras are the spiritual chakras helping you remember your Divine connection with your spiritual nature of the heavenly connection. The heart chakra is the bridge between the upper three and the lower three chakras, bringing Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. Imagine the chakras as a divine continuum where physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs blend together and escalate from your root to your crown.” ~excerpted from Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo

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