Fire Agate heat-treated


Key Phrase: Abstract Thinking

Apricot Agate Tumbled Stone
(ranges from approx .50 – 1/25″)
Key Phrase: Abstract Thinking

Affirmation: I am extremely creative. Creative thoughts are constantly coming to me. Patterns and different perspectives give me insight and understanding.

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Fire Agate heat-treated


Affirmation: It’s easy to open myself up to allow the light in. I unlock the secrets of my soul. I am aware of my thoughts and belief systems. I am a caretaker of the earth. I spend time in nature. My connection with fairies is strong. I am a good gardener!

Chakra(s): root and navel

Astrological sign(s): Capricorn

Planet(s): Saturn, Ceres

Number(s): 4

Element(s): earth

Spiritual uses: Fire agate can be used to reveal past-life experiences to help you on your spiritual path in this life. This stone activates the desire to uncover mundane patterns that prevent you from attaining self-realization. Use this stone with the intention of knowing yourself to the core and embracing all that you are on all levels. Through self-acceptance and self-knowledge, you can attain greater heights in meditation practice to develop your spiritual nature.

Mental uses: Fire agate carries the vibration of creativity to help you give birth to new projects. This stone acts as a catalyst to put things in motion so that they can come to fruition. Use this stone to mentally integrate the true meaning of active courage.

Emotional uses: This stone also helps you embrace the emotions and feelings of past challenges, accept them, and move on. A stone for action and moving forward in life, it is useful when you are up against an emotional block.

Physical uses: A stone of fertility, it is helpful for manifesting ideas or for getting pregnant. Its orange vibration activates the part of you that needs a push or the motivation to move forward to take action on your projects, ideas, or business pursuits. This is a good stone for fertility specialists, artists, and writers.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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