Flower of Life: Wisdom of Astar


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Flower of Life: Wisdom of Astar

by Denise Jarvie

The Flower of Life contains the seed of all possibilities, the essence of all desire. This powerful creative symbol which lends its name to this deck and graces the back of each card within it holds infinite divine potential. These cards are a portal to connect you with that very potential locked deep within you. Take a journey with Astar, a wise, loving energetic consciousness whose energy permeates this deck with incredible wisdom and insights to share to help you remember your true beauty and worth. Here is a star map of your potential. Astar holds the faith of your love and truth even when you have forgotten and constantly streams it to you through the light of our day star – the Sun and the sparkling stars at night.

About the Author:

Denise Jarvie was born in Salisbury, England. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and now lives in the Inner West of Sydney. Denise is a mystic mentor, teacher, and writer. She loves to assist and light a path to the mystical inner worlds of feeling, knowing, and creation.

A Note from Denise Jarvie

My desire is that all people feel safe and empowered within themselves. That way they can thrive and never feel the need to lean on another or require another to be anything different for them to feel safe and empowered.

I believe, we can tap into our inner wisdom and strength, to inspire inward and outward actions that align with our desires and enjoy ourselves on the journey.

I am a passionate creator of products that assist you on your journey of self-awareness and self-actualization.

Let’s start right now – Bring your focus to your breath and allow it to become longer and deeper. Now close your eyes for two deep breaths. In your own time, open your eyes and click on a button below.

In love and gratitude,


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