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Ginger Essential Oil


The Crystal Garden Brand Aromatherapy Sprays, Medical Grade Essential Oils, and Roll-Ons are non-refundable for health and safety reasons.

Medical Grade Essential Oil

Botanical name: Zingiber officinale

Note: middle to base

Common method of extraction: steam distillation

Parts used: rhizome and roots

Fragrance: lemony, spicy, pungent, warm, woody subsidiary notes

About the plant: Found in tropical and subtropical climates, ginger has lance-like leaves and typically reaches heights of up to 4 feet. It has white, yellow, pink, or red flowers and thick rhizomes.

Spiritual uses: Ginger’s spicy aroma is a stimulant for awakening consciousness. It clears away the energetic cobwebs, opening portals of awareness to receive insights and information.

Mental uses: Ginger is helpful for increasing motivation, relieving apathy, and aiding in the decision-making process. Ginger helps you to remember that you have the power to create and transform your reality with your mind.

Emotional uses: Ginger helps to defrost frozen emotions and feelings of coldness toward others. It helps open your emotional field to accept connection with other people as well as a romantic relationship.

Physical uses: Ginger is especially good for relieving nausea and is helpful for digestion. Use ginger in a synergistic blend to relieve congestion, coughs, colds, and flu. This root has been used as an antidote to poison.

Therapeutic properties: analgesic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, anticoagulant, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiscorbutic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, antitussive, aperitive, aphrodisiac, astringent (stops bleeding), carminative, cephalic, diaphoretic, digestive (nausea), diuretic, emmenagogic, febrifugal, laxative, rubefacient, stimulative (circulatory and nervous systems), stomachic, tonic, tonifying (digestive system)

For your safety: Possible skin irritant. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Ann Lembo

Hand labeled and bottled by staff of The Crystal Garden, Inc.

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Weight1 oz
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