Girasol Quartz


Affirmation: I objectively observe myself in my interactions with others. I increase my self-awareness as I watch my words and actions from various perspectives. I continue to work toward self-improvement at every opportunity. I notice the mirrors and projections around and within me without judgment or preconceptions.

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Girasol Quartz

Girasol Quartz:

  • Shimmering Lights
  • Aligns you with the phases of the moon, the Divine Feminine, and your intuition
  • Enhances your ability to visualize and use your imagination
  • Acts as a mirror helping you to observe yourself and your actions

Color: translucent milky white

Chakra(s): crown

Astrological sign(s): Cancer

Planet(s): the Moon

Number(s): 0

Element(s): water

Mohs scale: 7

Spiritual uses: Girasol quartz aligns you with the moon phases, the Divine feminine, and your intuition. Its reflective qualities enhance meditation practice and deepen contemplation. Use this stone to amplify dream recall and the ability to interpret your dreams for personal growth and spiritual awareness. Use girasol quartz to call on the assistance of Archangel Auriel.

Mental uses: Use this stone to enhance your ability to visualize and to use your imagination. Both visualization and the imagination are the keys to the creative powers of manifestation. Use the refractive and reflective qualities of this stone to manifest your dreams.

Emotional uses: This stone has an opalescent quality that mirrors everything around you to help you observe yourself. If you are pointing fingers at others, take a moment to observe yourself to see if there is an aspect of yourself that resembles those challenging qualities that you are pointing at! If not, then step away from the situation, person, place, or thing and move on to step into your own personal truth.

Have you noticed that people and situations are reflecting your feelings or thoughts?

Pay attention to the messages these mirrors provide. Take stock of what work you need to do to improve your self-awareness and personal growth.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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