Learning Lenormand

 Learning Lenormand 

 Learning Lenormand teaches easily accessible methods for using this simple thirty-six card deck.



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Learning Lenormand


By Michael Katz and Tali Goodwin

Discover Your Future in 36 Cards

Read the Lenormand cards to answer practical questions about romance, career, money, travel, and important life choices. With simple instructions for beginning readers, Learning Lenormand teaches easily accessible methods for using this simple thirty-six card deck. Providing fascinating historical research and proven techniques, renowned instructors Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin reveal everything you need to know:

  • Card meanings
  • The Grand Tableau
  • Accessing your inner Sibyl
  • Sample readings Working with houses
  • Basic layouts
  • Deck recommendations
  • The significance of facing cards
  • Lenormand and tarot
  • Diagonals, reflections, zones, and shadows

With fewer complex symbols than traditional tarot cards, the Lenormand deck is a key that unlocks the secrets of the future and uncovers deep personal insights.

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A little more info on Lenormand: Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a French professional fortune-teller of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. In France, Lenormand is considered the greatest cartomancer of all time, highly influential on the wave of French cartomancy that began in the late 18th century. Wikipedia

About Marcus Katz

Marcus Katz is a professional tarot teacher at the Far Away Centre, the first independent contemporary esoteric training center in the United Kingdom. As the Director of Tarot Professionals, www.tarotprofessionals.com the world’s largest professional tarot organization, he has studied and taught Tarot for 30 years and has delivered more than 10,000 face-to-face readings.

About Tali Goodwin

Tali Goodwin is the author of “Around the Tarot in 78 Days”, “Tarot Face to Face”, and “The New Lenormand”. She also authors the popular Tarosophy Kickstart books, including “Tarot Flip”, “Tarot Twist” and “Tarot Inspire”. She maintains the world’s only time-traveling tarot blog.

Tali is a researcher and credited with the publication of A. E. Waite’s “second” Tarot images after a century of secrecy, in “Abiding in the Sanctuary”.

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Learning the Lenormand
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