Miracle Water


Miracle Water 2 oz

Spray this energetic light aromatic blend to invoke miracles in your life. Create extraordinary events in the physical world that surpass all known human or natural powers. ADD PRAYER and INTENTION.

Ingredients: Water, Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils; Holy Waters from around the world; Sacred Site Essences from around the world; Bach Flower Essences; Genstone Tinctures; Vibhuti; Crystal Clays; Aura Soma.

Aromatic Blend Notes: deep, exotic, floral, green, heady, sweet, soft


With prayer and intention this light energetic mist can invite the miraculous into your life.

Bach Flower Essences: Chestnut Bud, Larch, Mimulus, Walnut

Gemstone Essence: Amethyst, Apophyllite Point, Azurite Nodule, Lanzon stone, Elestial, Merlin’s Cave Rock from Tintagel, Shells from St. Marie de la Mer, Crystal Dorje, Tabular Clear Quartz Crystal and Master Key Crystal that have been part of Sacred Sites Tours for Activation of the Grids of Light

Waters: Chalice Well Water; Spring from Mother Mary’s home in Anatolia, Turkey; St. Germain in France, Lanzon, Teotihuacan, Manitoba Springs, St. Anne’s Cathedral in Quebec

Synergistic proprietary formula received through Divine Inspiration by Margaret Ann Lembo.

Made with Love by Margaret Ann Lembo
­The Crystal Garden, Inc.
877-444-5099 • www.TheCrystalGarden.com
For external use only. Shake well.



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Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.5 × 4.75 in


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