Mood Food CD


Mood Food by Mood Swings is a great disc for performing creative work to, for driving, r for chillin’ back.

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Mood Food CD

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  1. Big fan of the original Jon & Vangelis ‘State of Independence’ from the early 80s. One day a few months ago I heard Chrissie Hynde’s cover of it on Spotify (song suggestion for me). I immediately searched the full album out and purchased it. All I can say is it’s sonically out of this world, if you’re into electronica. Added bonus was my favorite rock guitarist, Jeff Beck, laid down some blistering leads on the cut ‘Skinthieves.’ Jeff has dabbled in electronica and techno over several albums, so his fit is a natural, here.
  2. I had this on cassette and always thought that it was still in my collection. One night I had a dream that seemed to feature one of these tracks, they are not songs. It flows as a creeping creature or mood. Hence the name I bet Ha ! ! Well I looked and found that my cassette was gone. Lucky for all of us there are these CD’s. Haunting jungle images appear. My wife finds seductive and earthy drums to dance to. Chrissie Hynde’s one vocal is enough for me to be to be happy with this. Jeff Beck shows up as well. All in all it is Ennya-ish and dream like. Happy to have it.

This is a great disc for performing creative work to, for driving, for chillin’ back and having a drink or three.

1. Throw Off The Shackles
2. Moodswings Overture
3. Problem Solved
4. Skinthieves
5. Rainsong
6. 100% Total Success
7. Microcosmic
8. Spiritual High Part I
9. Spiritual High (State Of Independence) Part II
10. Spiritual High Part III
11. Thailand
12. Hairy Piano

Artist: Moodswings

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