Prasiolite Tumbled Stone
(ranges from approx .75 – 1.25″)

Get Your Verve Back!

Affirmation: I am a determined person with the strength to follow through with the next best thing. I am strong, healthy, and unwavering in my body, mind, and spirit.

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Color: translucent pale green

Chakra(s): heart and root

About the stone: Prasiolite refers to a green quartz

Astrological sign(s): Capricorn

Mohs scale: 7

Spiritual uses: Prasiolite carries the vibration of protection and helps to strengthen your auric field and amplifies your ability to sit in meditative states for long periods.Some call it green amethyst.

Mental uses: Prasiolite is an excellent tool to improve your ability to stay focused and follow through on a task to completion.

Emotional uses: Prasiolite strengthens your heart’s abilities to accept emotions and emotional challenges.

Physical uses: Use prasiolite to ward off germs and viruses. Work with this stone to improve iron deficiencies and rebalance yourself when dealing with health challenges due to iron deficiencies.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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