Return of the Bird Tribes


Return of the Bird Tribes

Return of the Bird Tribes –  Book Two of the Starseed Trilogy

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Return of the Bird Tribes

Return of the Bird Tribes
From  Return of the Bird Tribes:
“In my mind a voice spoke. “Love, like energy,” it said, “cannot be destroyed. Wherever love has found its way into dimensional expression, it leaves emotional alterations in the texture of the universe, traces like multicolored etchings in the ethers. Wherever two people have loved, wherever a human community has shared in the expression of love, whether it was yesterday, or ten thousand years ago, that love is still present, it can still be experienced. Events can be reconstructed from the impressions of love. They can be re-experienced with a lucidity almost indistinguishable from their initial occurrence. We open for you this window into an earlier moment that you might more fully appreciate the long centuries of preparation that have provided the context for your modern world. We have been sent to illuminate your understanding of the present human condition and to take you on a journey through significant moments of angelic/human exchange that you might more fully sense the great momentum behind the power that is now breaking through into surface human events. When you understand the past as we do, you will understand the inevitability and imminence of the Creator’s awakening in the human family. You will be in a position to more fully cooperate with the Great Spirit’s purposes, for you will at last recognize them as your own.”
So began these communications….this is Book Two of the Starseed Trilogy series by Ken Carey.

Ken Carey is one of the greatest living teachers… Read him, and you’ll have hope.’

Exploring the transformative impact of Native American spirituality on contemporary events, this is the third book in Ken Carey’s Starseed Trilogy.

About the Author:Ken Carey is the author of several books, including The Starseed Transmissions, Return of the Bird Tribes, and Flat Rock Journal.

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