Runes: The Gods’ Magical Alphabet


Runes: The God’s Magical Alphabet

Choose from:

  • The Divination Kit (book and runes)
  • The Book ONLY


The Divination Kit contains:

  • a 144 page book
  • a black rune bag
  • 25 wood runes

In this valuable set, you will find the secrets of Norse magic.

Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet and for specialized purposes thereafter.

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Runes: The Gods’ Magical Alphabet by Lo Scarebeo

Discover the secret of magic runes with Runes: the God’s Magical Alphabet. This powerful kit will connect you to the divinatory messages the runes are eager to offer. Stamped on fired wood, these symbols of the ancient Germanic alphabet connect like the letters of a word to give you the answers you seek. The kit contains twenty-five runes, a bag for protecting them, and a comprehensive guidebook to explain their use. The book provides a deeper understanding of this ancient system, allowing you to master their messages for yourself and others

Rooted in Myth, shrouded in power, the Runes of the ancient Norse people contain the sound of creation. Odin received them in a change of the greatest of sacrifices. They embodied the fabric of reality, the language of the Gods, the power over the earth and the sky, the spirit of the Norse Magic.

The Myths of the Gods and of the Runes are detailed in the Edda, the mystical power written in Iceland in the XII century. From the Edda and from other ancient historical sources, the use of the rounds has been discovered and explained, to teach your their power.

To use your set, find a quiet place, and contemplate the problem or situation you would like more information on. Just like with Tarot there are many layouts that you can try, but it’s usually easier to start simply and just pick one for contemplation. As you become more familiar you can pick a layout that will work best with the circumstance you’d like more information on.

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