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Urban Tarot

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Urban Tarot

By Robin Scott

Urban Tarot is a loving homage to the metropolis and all its diverse inhabitants. This stunning deck provides a map to your own inner city, a guide for the twenty-first century seeker of truth, insight, and magic living in the urban landscape. This unique vision of the tarot presents a set of ancient symbols, designed to help you see the miraculous in the modern and the mundane. The 78-card deck comes with an 84-page guidebook to help you find insight and understanding from the challenges of urban life. The book includes personal commentary by the artist about the people and events who inspired Urban Tarot. Board the train line that eats its own tail and journey with us. Feel the power pulsing below the pavement. Move to the music of traffic, and breathe in the smells of smoke and sweat, of hot pizza and the impossible. Within these cards, you will find the familiar and the fantastic sharing a four-story walkup apartment, where the avenues of Dream and Reality cross.

About the Author:

Robin Scott is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and web developer. She is a transgender woman, a feminist, a radical optimist, and a utopian socialist. She lives with her wife on the Upper West Side of New York City.

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