The navel chakra is the energy center where creativity resides. The ability manifest reality is held here. It’s entirely up to you what you wish to manifest; it can be a book, a child, a business, a garden, a delicious meal, a sculpture and so on. The possibilities are endless. Pull the energy up from the belly to step into action to make it so!

This center is also the center for dreaming. In order to manifest anything, we must be able to see it in our mind’s eye—whether in our waking daydreams or our sleeping night dreams. The creative force of dreamtime comes forth from the area of the womb. Many indigenous cultures focus on the navel as the center of power for meditation, dance and dreaming.

The navel chakra is also a storage center associated with emotions—both positive and negative. Often, emotions we least want to deal with are shoved down deep into the navel chakra. It is the place from which most cords of attachment to people, places and things of the past must be cut and released.

 Exercise: The Navel Manifestation List

On a blank piece of paper, write down one hundred things you would like to manifest or create in your life. Don’t hold back. Include all kinds of dreams and wishes. Once you’ve completed your list, organize your entries into the following categories:

Education  |  Family/Friends  |  Income/Career |  Physical  | Social  |  Spirituality  |  Travel

Next, prioritize the entries in each category so that the most important things you desire are at the top. Now, take one or two items from all of the categories and make a to-do list for each of those items, including everything required to make it happen. Establish deadlines for each of the items on your to-do list. Be very specific and work on something on the list every day.

            Anything that you ardently desire, visualize with passion,
truly believe in and enthusiastically act upon will come to pass.

              The navel chakra is the energy center of manifestation. Combine your written lists and visualizations with affirmations.


Place a carnelian in your pocket or wear a carnelian bracelet as a constant reminder to keep you on task.  The orange color activates the natural color of the navel and the agate helps to ground and to keep you on task. Use the fertile thoughts you’ve planted in your consciousness and water them until they become a reality.


~Excerpt from Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo

Other gemstones for the navel chakra also called the sacral chakra are: orange calcite, red goldstone, tiger’s eye, and unakite.2 oz Navel Chakra Spray: Creative Flow & Manifest Now Spray this synergy blend to activate the second chakra. Visualize orange light around your belly. Use this spray to remove blocks and increase your courage in bringing your ideas into actuality. Imagine your life as you want it to be!Try Navel Chakra Spray to bring balance.

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