Archangel Gabriel and the Gemstone Guardians: Angel of the Annunciation and Dolomite

It is said that Archangel Gabriel is fluent in all languages of man. I attribute this fluency to be a symbolic reminder that Gabriel can ‘speak’ to you and provide you with guidance in the form of communication that is easiest for you.

According to my research, Archangel Gabriel’s the first meeting with Daniel was to announce the birth of the Messiah 200 years before his birth. Gabriel is the Angel of the Annunciation and is a Divine Oracle. Annunciation is the formal term for Holy and Ceremonial Messages. Gabriel also appeared to Zacharias to let him know of the birth of John the Baptist or John the Precursor. His wife Elizabeth was too old to give birth so when Zacharias didn’t believe Gabriel he struck him mute until the baby was born.

With Archangel Gabriel as your guide, ask yourself, “What am I ready to create (birth) into my life that I perceive to be a miraculous event?” Align yourself with the realization that you can create anything that you put your attention on with passionate action to bring it forth into reality.

One of Archangel Gabriel’s vibrationally matching gemstones is Dolomite. With dolomite nearby contemplate this: Have you wanted to do something creative? Are you feeling artistic? Let your inspiration flow and generate your insight into manifest reality. It doesn’t matter what it is—it could be a nice meal, a pretty garden, an amazing photograph or some sewing project. Regardless, now is the time to produce it. It will bring you fulfillment and purpose.

Hold the dolomite or keep it nearby as you affirm the positive thoughts inspired by Archangel Gabriel as follows:

I relax my body, mind, and spirit to meditate regularly. Great ideas are constantly flowing into my mind. It is fulfilling to follow through on creative thoughts and manifest my reality. I take enthusiastic action. I am productive.

Excerpted from Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards

Consider using your olfactory senses and spray the aromatic mist, Archangel Gabrielle Spray, to call on Archangel Gabrielle. Use it to help you receive messages from the Divine. Invoke this archangel for inspiration and guidance, dream interpretation and inner knowing. Spray it around you and your space. Feel the gold and white rays of joy and hope shining upon you. The ingredients are water (Gabriel’s element); a Divinely inspired proprietary blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils; Holy Waters from around the world; Sacred Site essences from around the world; Bach Flower Essences; and gemstone tinctures. The some of the gemstones used for this blend are amethyst, celestite, selenite, and more.

Author’s note: I changed the spelling of Gabriel to Gabrielle for my aromatic mist to emphasize the feminine energy of this archangel. All angels are androgynous which means they do not have a gender. They hold the vibration of both the masculine and feminine energy. It is my perception that it is likely that Gabriel appeared to Mary as a female angel, Gabrielle, for the Annunciation of the Christ Child’s birth.

The Cards in this post are from the Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards

Bio: Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Color Your Life with Crystals; Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards, and many more. Her newest book is Crystals Beyond Beginners: Awaken Your Consciousness with Precious Gifts of the Earth. Margaret Ann is an aromatherapist and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established 1988.  |

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