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Ancestral Path Tarot Deck


This deck examines the traditions of our ancestors through mythology to reclaim a personal spirituality that enables us to perceive the divine in ourselves and others.

Includes 32-page booklet.

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Ancestral Path Tarot Deck

As with all the best tarot cards the picture on the card should not spell out everything at once and should have small but relevant details that are noticed only if relevant in a reading for example. I noticed only this week that in the eight of cups, one of the cups shows the reflection of a fire out of the picture which I had not noticed before. This I interpreted as leaving something warm and comfortable behind to look for something better.

I think this deck is suitable for the experienced tarot reader and the novice alike. Standard meanings can be applied to the cards which also have an excellent little white book in the pack which gives a lot more insight than normal and is as almost so good that you do not need the book which you can order to accompany the deck. I would say that the book does give a little more insight into the history of the cultures and why they are depicted on the cards in the way they are.

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