Black Onyx Angel 1.5″

Approx 1.5″

“Angels all around”



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Black Onyx Angel 1.5″

Black Onyx Angel

Approx 1.5″

“Angels all around”

Angels are luminous beings of light emanating from God, the Divine.

Whether or not you are conscious of them, you have many invisible helpers around you every moment of your life. Imagine them there or just know that a large group of invisible helpers are ready to come to your aid. They’re watching over you, inspiring you, and guiding you along your path through life. They’re with you 24/7, when you are sleeping and when you are awake. And they’re just a thought away when you’re ready to be conscious of them. Angels have a high vibration and provide energetic assistance to us upon request. The personalities and qualities of these spiritual beings bring a plethora of positive vibes to your spiritual table.” Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo

Black Onyx


Affirmation: I am focused and grounded. I am persistent. I stay with the task at hand until it is complete. I am able to handle challenges.  I am always safe and protected.  My business is a great success and endures all economic cycles with ease.

Color: Onyx is a form of chalcedony which is usually black and white. Very often this material is dyed to a black color and used in jewelry.

Chakra(s): all chakras dependent on the color. Black, gray and brown—root; orange—navel; light blue—throat; purple—third eye; white—crown.

About the stone: a form of chalcedony

Astrological sign(s): Capricorn

Planet(s): Saturn

Number(s): 4

Element(s): earth

Mohs scale: 6–7

Spiritual uses: Black onyx is beneficial to establish a protective shield when offering spiritual counseling, tarot card readings, channeling, automatic writing and any other modality that opens you up to psychic influences. The blue-green variety of this stone amplifies the telepathic connection with your own higher consciousness and helps you tap into the Akashic Records (the history of the cosmos) Use it when you intend to obtain messages from the angelic realm to open your intuitive ears. Historically, chalcedony was sacred to the goddess Diana.

Emotional uses: The lavender and blue energy in onyx calms jittery emotions. Use this stone as a grounding tool and feel safe in its presence. Place a black onyx next to your bed if you have nightmares or night terror. Make it your intention that the stone will guard against any negative influences while you sleep peacefully. Black onyx, specifically, is beneficial for releasing any type of fear.

Excerpted from Margaret Ann Lembo’s Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals & Stones

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