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Black Rutilated Quartz Cabachon


Black Rutilated Quartz helps get to the root of a problem and facilitates changes when needed.

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Black Rutilated Quartz Cabachon

Black Rutilated Quartz Cabachon:

  • Assists in getting to the root of a problem
  • Facilitates change in direction when it is needed
  • Relieves fears and anxiety
  • Promotes deep forgiveness on all levels

Fear and Anger (Transform It into Passion!)

The vibrations of fear and anger are stored in the root chakra at the base of the spine. Fear and anger are counterbalanced by introducing blue and green stones into your energy. Use lapis lazuli, sodalite, malachite and chrysocolla with cuprite to restore balance.

Characteristics of the Root Chakra

Just as the roots of a tree determine its life and strength, so, too, are the roots of the self a strong determining factor in personal growth. The physical part of a human being requires a place to live, food to eat and water to drink. Physical vitality depends upon nutrition and protection from the elements, along with a safe place to sleep and pure water to drink. The ability to stay focused on and achieve tasks is located at this chakra.

Basics of the Root Chakra 

Primary Colors: Red, black, brown, silvery gray

Complementary Colors: Blue, green

Stones: Agate, black tourmaline, garnet, hematite, jasper, obsidian, ruby

Other stones for balance: Chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise

Location: Coccyx, at the base of the spine

Musical Note: C

Essential Oil: Patchouli, spikenard, vetiver

Keywords: Abundance, Earth connection, grounded, focused, kundalini, passion, physical energy, self-motivated, survival

Photos are representational. Stones vary by size and are chosen intuitively.

 Excerpted from Chakra Awakening . (Llewellyn. ) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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