Chakra Carnelian Bracelet



Wear this bracelet to balance and align your chakras. This bracelet contains the following stones:

Root Chakra – Red Jasper
Navel Chakra – Carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra – Tiger Eye
Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine
Throat Chakra – Blue Onyx
Third Eye Chakra – Lapis
Crown Chakra – Amethyst

Fits Approx 7″ wrist.


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Chakra Carnelian Bracelet

Fits approx 7″ wrist

Root ChakraRed Jasper

Red jasper helps you put an end to procrastination. Use this stone when you have a task at hand that requires focus and mental endurance for successful completion. It is the stone of diligence. Use it to maintain steadfast action to any goal.

Navel ChakraCarnelian

Carnelian carries the vibration of creativity to help you give birth to new projects. This stone acts as a catalyst to put things in motion so that they can come to fruition. Use this stone to mentally integrate the true meaning of active courage. Carnelian is an ideal stone for improving visualization skills.

Solar Plexus ChakraTiger Eye

Gold tiger’s eye enlivens your ability to remember your dreams and use the Dreamtime for spiritual advancement. The gold energy of this stone reminds you to embrace your spiritual potential and allow divinity into your spiritual practice. Use this stone to connect with the spiritual power of the Sun as a source for the nourishment of your soul.

Heart ChakraGreen Aventurine

Green aventurine grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart’s desires. The love you experience in romance, friendships, and other relationships can affect your emotional well-being, so be sure to keep a green aventurine near your heart while you sleep to recalibrate your emotions each night.

Throat Chakra -Blue Onyx

The pastel blue of Blue Onyx elicits the soothing energy of a peaceful lake. Use this stone to help turn off the incessant chatter going on in your mind. Breathe deeply and relax. The calming vibration of this stone slows inner self-talk to help you sort out the many mental images and conversations going on inside.

Third Eye ChakraLapis

Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and the intuitive senses when used with conscious intent. This is a good stone to help you remember your dreams and promote clarity during Dreamtime. Use this stone to channel the Other Side, for mediumship, and to access the Akashic Records (the history of the cosmos).

Crown ChakraAmethyst

Amethyst stimulates the third eye and all six “clairs” (or sensory gifts): clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairolfaction, and clairgustation. These are terms for the ability to spiritually see, hear, know, sense, smell and taste the truth. Use this purple-toned quartz to ward off nightmares and encourage sweet dreams and restful sleep. It is also good to help you remember your dreams. Amethyst helps protect you from psychic attacks and clear out the negative thoughts of the day.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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