Garnet Pendulum


Garnet Pendulum

Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. Defined as objects attached at the end of a string or metal chain, when suspended from a stationary position, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

Passion for Living

Affirmation: I have plenty of energy and plenty to share. I am vital and strong! I live a full passionate life. I am determined. All my needs are met. I am healthy to the core of my being. My body naturally heals itself.

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Garnet Pendulum

A Garnet Pendulum benefits from crystal energy. While a simple piece of string and a button make a simple divining pendulum, a faceted crystal point at the end of a chain adds a rich dimension to your dowsing practices.

Color: deep red

Chakra(s): root

Astrological sign(s): Aries

Mohs scale: 6.5–7.5

Spiritual uses: Garnet is the stone of awakening. Its fiery nature inspires enlightenment and activates kundalini energy—a sleeping, dormant force holding all of human potential.

Mental uses: Garnet keeps you focused on your creative power. Carrying the vibration of passion and determination, this red gem helps you to follow through on your goals.

Emotional uses: Garnet reminds you to honor yourself and charges you to set up boundaries with others.

Physical uses: Garnet is a good stone to work with when you are in the process of manifesting.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

“Garnet for motivation and to take charge of a situation and make things happen. It is a good stone to work with when you are in the process of manifesting. Use this gem when you need to ground your intentions and take action.

Positive Affirmation: I am determined. All my needs are met. I am grateful for all my creative and business skills. I earn unlimited income doing what I love.”

~excerpted from Crystals Beyond Beginners: Awaken Your Consciousness with Precious Gifts from the Earth

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