Green Calcite Rough


Green Calcite Rough
(usually .50″ – 1.25″)

Smooth Transitions

Affirmation: I remain grounded and focused even when the world around me changes. I tap into the innate healing abilities within to realign my emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

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Color: various shades of green

Chakra(s): heart and solar plexus

About the stone: Green calcite is calcium carbonate and crystallizes in the rhombohedral system. Its green color is due to impurities that exist within the chemical composition. Green calcite usually is found in massive form.

Astrological sign(s): Taurus, Pisces

Mohs scale: 3

Spiritual uses: The soft-green vibration of green calcite opens your sacred heart to receive love from the spiritual realm.

Mental uses: Calcite is the stone of transformation, and this green-colored variety helps your mind process any major changes you might be going through, including a complete overhaul of your life as well as traumatic, seemingly unwanted changes.

Physical uses: Green calcite is useful for rebalancing your digestion when faced with challenges. It promotes healthy function of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, and small intestines. It also helps you to realize what you can do to absorb and process life with more ease.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo




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