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The Crystal Garden is Evolving

The Crystal Garden is Evolving

The Crystal Garden is EVOLVING!

The Crystal Garden (since 1988) will continue to be your source for Conscious Living Gifts, Books, Aromatherapy, and Gemstones. We will do this through

  • eCommerce (online at
  • phone orders
  • Shop The Crystal Garden from Home on Thursdays at 6 pm ET on Facebook LIVE
  • an expansion of The Crystal Garden Brand Wholesale Aromatherapy Division with Retail Partners Worldwide.
  • All cashless. Credit Cards and electronic payments only. All sales are final during this Global Pandemic.

Through Divine Guidance, business acumen, and observing the data, we will remain closed to foot traffic indefinitely. I will be guided and know when it is safe to open our doors to the public. All of us at The Crystal Garden appreciate your continued support in this new way that we are evolving. Monday – Friday from 11 am – 5 pm we are here for you to be your personal shoppers. 1-877-444-5099 Call us and we’ll text you photos, videos, and/or Facetime/What’s App with you so you can still have an opportunity to buy items that are not on our website. New items are on the website daily on this page:

I will continue to gift Free Events including meditations and workshops weekly using Zoom and Facebook to support your personal and spiritual development and to uplift and ease your stress. The next free event is through Llewellyn ~ LlewellynCon on Wednesday, June 17 at 3:15 pm ET (2:15 pm CT, 1:15 pm MT, 12:15 pm PT).

The loving vibration of The Crystal Garden is still being radiated to all who are open to receive our prayers, support, love, and virtual hugs. Use your imagination and open your heart. Watch the videos on the home page of to transport you to our showrooms.

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Honoring Sacred Space

Do you honor the sacred space of others? Is it easy for you to set boundaries and express them with ease and grace? Do youbalk at the idea of simple rules or do you find yourself offended or above the rules? How easily are your buttons pushed by others and do you take the time to figure out why you are reacting in a childish manner?
What is etiquette? “Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in a society or among members of a particular profession or group.” There are the rules established in various spaces because not all beings are trained in situational awareness, or socialized to know or follow protocol or appropriate behavior.

Amber Gemstone Affirmation. Amber is a tool for recalling past lives with the intent to uncover how those memories can help you in your lifenow.

Sometimes policies are created for the well-being of the space and all that enter there. The reasons for policies and procedures aren’t always clear, yet know there is most likely a good reason the policy is put in place.
The home is a sacred space. When a householder states that you must take your shoes off before entering a home, then take your shoes off or don’t enter. A business is a sacred space and policies and procedures as a customer or an employee are to be followed.
blankFor example, if a store owner (like myself) requires that you carry a shopping basket while in the store, then carry the basket or don’t shop in that store. If you are on the line in a store, bank, restaurant, crowded beach, or in any public place, refrain from speaking on your mobile phone or remove yourself from the presence of others. When driving, keep enough space between you and your fellow drivers, follow the rules and etiquette on the road or stay home.
When you find yourself highly insulted by something and you feel very offended by the rules of the sacred space of others, take the time to contemplate the source of the feelings that create that reaction.
When you establish boundaries or clearly state the etiquette of the sacred space, don’t cave in because someone is throwing a tantrum. Rather, step into graceful communication and stay firm with the policy or boundaries that are instituted. Maintain neutral and stay in a state of grace and love when someone is demonstrating that they are challenged because of boundaries that you have set in place.
Love is the ultimate vibration to transform and transmute challenging situations. Stay focused on vibrating love, breathe deeply, and know all is well.
Awaken your consciousness for higher understanding and wisdom.
Margaret Ann Lembo