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Heart-Centered Living: Establishing a Center Within with Precious Gifts from the Earth

Heart-centered Living

Heart-Centered Living: Establishing a Center Within with Precious Gifts from the Earth
By Margaret Ann Lembo

We are in a relationship with everything. Being in a relationship is part of our lives, down to the minutiae. We are in connection with people, but our relationship with ourselves is less obvious.

Our connection with others has many levels, including friendship, neighbors, acquaintances, coworkers, employees, supervisors, authority figures, family, extended family, etc. Additionally, a relationship exists between animals and nature in all its forms and inanimate objects, such as cars, computers, TVs, sofas, recliners, beds, and more. The less obvious connection with ourselves has just as many layers, but it takes conscious intention to uncover the awareness of the love we have for ourselves. And within all our connections are emotions, reactions, and feelings, as well as unconditional love.

Living and Loving Unconditionally

Halt the incessant chatter of your mind and your busy life long enough to recognize feelings that need to be acknowledged. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer, turn off your cell phone and STOP! Stop, sit and be still. Focus on your breath and let it all be.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I allow myself to feel my feelings truly?
  • Am I burying feelings with busyness?
  • Do I ignore the emotions that come up?
  • How do I deal with feelings within me?
  • Do I live and let live?
  • Am I quick to point fingers at others and their lifestyles or behaviors?
  • Am I trying to get others to conform to what I believe to be the right way, my way?

Conscious Relationship

As you develop spiritually, you enter into relationships with conscious awareness. A conscious relationship means looking at yourself from many aspects and authentically being present in the relationship. Due to various previously experienced good and bad relationships, it often takes great courage to move beyond hurt or fear of failure and consciously move into a relationship.

Allow yourself the gift of loving yourself enough to move forward into intimacy. Even the word “intimacy” sends the heartbeat racing for some. Show up more fully in life and be daring enough to reveal yourself. Intimacy is simply a way to know yourself honestly and love yourself more deeply. Intimacy is a relationship you have with yourself. As you observe yourself, you’ll see intimacy is “into me see.” So the question is, “Can you trust yourself?” By trusting yourself, you open up your sacred heart.

Crystals, Minerals, and Stones

Add crystals, minerals, and stones to achieve a loving relationship with yourself and others.

Kunzite Chrysoprase and MalachiteBecause of the soothing energy of the green shades of chrysoprase, you may use it to assuage a broken heart. It’s like a healing salve on a sore while being gently rocked in the arms of a dear one to help make it feel “all better.”

Kunzite is a pink stone of love. Kunzite also occurs in green, violet, and white. It emanates a loving vibration that radiates in a wide radius. Kunzite reminds you how to love and be loved.

The swirling shades of green in malachite help to move the energy in your heart. The swirls create concentric circles that appear like a bull’s eyes throughout the stone. The bull’s eye connects you to the ability to get to the heart of the issue using the focus of the bull’s eye. If there are issues to be addressed and you recognize it’s time to address them with no pussyfooting around, then use malachite to aim your sights on uncovering and healing them.

Aromatherapeutic Allies

The use of aromatherapy is a huge part of the litany of gifts from the earth. Extracting the essential oil from the flower, plant, barks, and roots is just another level of receiving the garden’s magic and nature. The aromatic parts of plants in the form of oils, mists, incense, and sprays for the purposes of healing physical, mental, and/or emotional complaints and improving your overall well-being.

Lavender and LimeLavender is a great tool for meditation. This oil brings in blessings and the sweetness of love. The cleansing scent of lavender clears and calms the mind and brings about mental clarity, helping you to sort out the details and release chaos. It also relieves mental exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. Lavender is comforting to your heart, soothing and calming chaotic and rampant emotions such as hysteria and worry.

Lime’s bright, happy scent adds joy to spiritual practice and uplifts your consciousness to invite higher thoughts. Lime is an excellent tool to use for periods of contemplation and integration. Lime brings mental clarity. Use it when you need to feel more alert. Lime assists you in feeling joy and finding inner peace.

The power of intention, positive affirmations, and awakened consciousness are your tools to live a happier, spiritually fulfilled life. Living a heart-centered life and establishing a clear center using precious gifts from the earth leads to a charmed life.


Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing, The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; and many oracle cards decks like Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards and more. She is an aromatherapist and gemstone expert. Lembo is the founder and the owner of The Crystal Garden—the conscious living store and center of the Palm Beaches, established in 1988.
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